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Kormorán Kikötő

Our story began thirty years ago. At that time our main focus was fishing and boat renting on a short strand strip. We started to develop the marina following our customers’ demands and needs. The artificial bay was the first to serve the incoming small boats and yachts. Shortly after the houses on the shore began to accept guests. Our marina’s beloved accommodations are the floating house accompanied by the lakeside cottages.
Our guests are happy to take advantage of our boat trips or rent a canoe or bike for taking some adventure in the surroundings. The thatched and shingled houses, the trees, the bushes all became an alluring location for our – mostly returning – guests to have fun, relax and recreate.

Almost any native species allowed for angling may be found here, starting with the trench hiding among the water lilies, the vivacious asp, or even the coveted giant catfish. This is an ideal habitat for them. During the whole season 6000 hectares of open water and an accompanying 3000 hectares covered with sedge and bulrush offer an aquatic world of exploration for anglers. The beauty and the romanticism of the area affects both the occasional guest and the regular angler. And because of this, a carp caught under the shades of the trees on the bank, the long fight with the pike at one of the backwater sites, or a walleye placed onto the boat with frozen hands offers so much more.

The trip from Kormorán marina to Abádszalók is mostly uneventful, but not annoying at all. One must not be a biologist to get fascinated by nature. Right before Kisköre a lamp directs passage on the dam, one has to wait for those coming from the opposite direction. After the dam a slightly rundown recreational area is next, but only for about a mile, then it returns to the dam again. From Kisköre to Poroszló the route reverts to the same as it was from Tiszafüred to Abádszalók, but here one can find several beaches and camping sites as well. This also includes the embankment areas as well. Even if one would be shut down, it is easy to take a couple hundred meters of detour and return to the dam again. Like everything around the Tisza Lake, these beaches also summon up the romanticism of the socialist era, but only the most positive aspects. Yellow vestiaries with red polka dots, blue slides and old RVs, buildings in the stile that was common 30-40 years ago, but all in excellent condition.