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Csobankai Riding School

Our riding school is at the edge of Pomáz and Csobánka at the intersection of the Buda- and Pilis mountains on the left side of the road to Dobogókő.

Szent László Király Lovas Egyesület (The King Holy Leslie Horseman Association) was established at the end of 2001 in order to offer activities in the fields of health-protection, prevention, healing and rehabilitiation and also to popularize or give the opportunity to practice the forms of horseback riding (jumping, dressage,endurance riding, horse riding gymnastics) and riding tours through leisure and occasional riding.

For keeping of the more than 1000-year-old traditions of our horseriding nation. The contact with the horses provides for each age group a good possibility to develop a sense of caring, responsibility and environmental-conscious behavior.

The Central European Scout Park with a similar mentality is directly next to us. The park provides more opportunities for those who want to relax in a quiet environment.

Everyone is are warmly welcome.


The word “hippotherapy” comes from the Greek and means treatment with a horse. It has been developed since the 1970s-s to a branch of the modern orthopedagogy.

The horse riding therapy uses the positive effects of the horse, of riding and of dealing with horses in the process of healing. These neuromotor, sensory-motor and psychomotor effects may simultaneously affect the nervous system, the body, the senses and the psyche.

A main branch of the therapy is the neuropsychological physiotherapy treatment, which helps to improve and develop the movement, posture and balance disorders, with the help of the movement of the horse.

Another type of therapeutic riding is the curative educational riding, an occupation with horses with educational, psychological goal.

Beyond riding, the social sensitivity can be developed by the support and care for horses. The learning, communication, behavioral and mental disorders of mentally handicapped people can be treated


Even the little ones can begin to make friends with the horses, but it can provide for all ages a lot of fun and adventure. Time spent with our young and cheerful company is certainly an enjoyable occasion for everyone. Besides, we also put a great emphasis on safety.

Our goal is to show the beauty of horseback riding for everyone / our guests. The connection between horse and rider should be characterized by a behavior that is based on mutual attention. This is a fundamental condition for keeping our horses willingly cooperating and friendly partners.

The wearing of head protection, helmet and tailstock while riding is for all of our riders obligatory. For beginners we assure these, but for later we recommend to buy your own equipment.

Beyond riding, our beginners also learn grooming prior to and after the riding.

Horseback riding on the lounge for beginners

Riding on the lounge is recommended from the age of 10 years, as the appropriate physical and mental development (attention and self-control) is essential.

For children under 10 years, we offer “riding” including walking on horseback, gymnastics on horseback, and the acquaintance with the horses and a pleasant pastime.

In general, 8-10 training sessions are enough to learn the most basic knowledge to walk and trot safely.

Riding on the longe-one training session: 25 minutes – 3500 HUF
Weekdays from 08 to 19, by appointment
Weekends from 08 to 12, by appointment

Riding in the paddock

We ride in the arena in groups of 3-5 persons. At this level, everybody rides already independently according to an instructor. Miscellaneous exercises promote self-confident riding and the influence of the rider on the horse.

Riding in groups is a truly enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone. Much can be learned from the mistakes of others, other times we may witness funny incidents. It is not only the responsibility and importance of the instructor that dominates, but also the riders have to develop the sense of responsibility for each other and disciplined behavior.

An hour at the riding school : 50 minutes – 4500 HUF
With season ticket: 3700 HUF (30.000,- HUF / 8 times)
Weekdays: 08 – 19, by appointment
Weekends: 08 – 12, by appointment

Cross-country riding

Go for a ride for advanced riders in varied locations accompanied by an instructor. It takes at least 2 hours, but if required half-or multi-day riding tours are also possible.

For many, this is perhaps the most pleasant part of riding. Those who ride safe and well can leave their worries behind and ride on their favorite horses. You can walk in the forest or in the meadow, alone or in company and are perhaps the happiest people. With a little luck we can meet the some wild animals, too. It is also something you can hardly put into words, it must be experienced.

Cross-Country riding : 110 minutes – 8000, – Ft, by appointment