The Rákóczi Square Market is the second Market Hall of Budapest after the Central Market Hall, both of them built in 1897. It’s located in one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of the Hungarian capital.

The Rákóczi Market is a very romantic and special place, the building itself is really charming. A blue and yellow interior from its beginnings continues to persist in time. The market has huge doors that facilitated the entrance of carts pulled by horses to unload merchandise, had 375 permanent small shops of 4 or 6 m2, 55 temporary stores, a huge basement used for storage, at the time there were small warehouses in corners with police officers guarding the corridors, first aid units and restaurants, over them, apartments were rented.

The market was a great success until 1936, when the turnover was so low that it had to close its doors. There were plans to build a big swimming pool in its place, but those plans never came to fruition.

On May 6, 1988, a fire completely burned down the building, which fortunately was not demolished. It was rebuilt on the basis of the architects George Tokar and György Hidas and reopened on July 25, 1991. During the rebuilding process, its vintage interior has been fully restored, making it an architectural treasure.

Locals prefer this market, which offers fresh and homemade products, but also tourists love to admire the spacious building with its bright blue pillars and its unique atmosphere.

The market contains all the usual basic products: meat, fruits, vegetables, sausages, pasta, cheese and baked goods, as well as branches of supermarket chains and beauty products.

The Rákóczi Square Market is very well connected with tramway lines 4 and 6 and metro line 4. Visiting the market is highly recommended for all those who want to know the authenticity of the daily life of a popular neighborhood in the center of Budapest.

Report & Photos by OTo