One of the most interesting places to go in Budapest is the Muzikum Klub & Bisztró at Kossuth Klub, Múzeum u. 7 Budapest 1088, located in the Hadik-Barkóczy Palace-House (1863) in the heart of the palaces district, a neighborhood where all the splendor of the Hungarian golden age is breathed.

Muzikum Klub & Bisztró is a place as varied as it is wide, for coffee or beer or all kinds of alcoholic drinks, excellent value for money in wines! From September to the end of May there are blues, jazz and swing live concerts with an audience capacity of up to 300 people, counting the 3 concert halls that it has, the largest room has a capacity for 110 people. In addition to concerts, these three rooms are usually used throughout the year to give conferences or for business meetings, they are also rented for any type of private event, parties or weddings.

Very special menus are prepared for local people and tourists, with an offer of up to three different menus: the traditional Hungarian, the Transylvanian menu or a Romani-style, all prepared with exquisiteness by the chef and served on the terrace by a very familiar crew, it is a place where one feels at home!

Muzikum Klub & Bisztró has an a la carte cuisine, very creative, from the hand of a world runner-up chef, however if you wish you can also ask a well-made burger at the bistro. During the summer season, tourists who visit the place for the first time are impressed by the beauty of the House-Palace and by the special decoration in relation to music throughout the place.

This place, belonging to a family of nineteenth-century politicians, was built next to the national museum that was part of the Hungarian parliament at the time, becoming in 1955 a renowned cultural center in the city, the Kossuth Klub. In 2012, this cultural center gives the space to Muzikum Klub & Bisztró, which opens the house to the public with an offer as varied as attractive for all those who want to enjoy the place, certainly unique in Budapest!

Report & Photos by OTo