Grey Goose is the ideal place to taste a Hungarian authenticity menu at an unbeatable price!

Located in the heart of downtown Budapest, next to the Parliament at Nádor Street 36, 1051Budapest, in a large area with lots of charm!

From Monday to Friday, from 12pm to 2pm, fabulous menus surprise passers-by who work or visit the surroundings of the Parliament, there is no place in the area that has a better price at such good quality on offer. It also has amazing à la carte based on a totally traditional Hungarian cuisine, where the chef organizes the dishes to guarantee the client a pleasant sensation in the palate.

Grey Goose opened its doors in 2013, since then the same staff has been working there creating a family atmosphere. However, throughout 2018 there were changes in the kitchen and in the management, also in the interior decoration. Kálman Sarkadi, the owner of the place, was right in those changes and the results began to prosper. Today Grey Goose is a benchmark in the city, very well managed by Csaba Széles.

The Hungarian Chef János Nagy works with the best food products in the country, does not use meat from other countries, everything stays at home, thus ensuring a fresh and controlled quality in the exquisiteness of the meat. However, he also thinks of those clients with digestive dysfunctions offering varied dishes without gluten. It also has a very interesting vegetarian dishes that makes à la carte not only fresh but also very complete offer.

Hungarians are great coffee lovers! The coffee at Grey Goose is exquisite, 100% Arabica of a high range, roasted in a factory in the northeast of the country, which gives it a very special Hungarian personality, highly recommended to order it alone, with milk or its special cappuccino.

The name Grey Goose comes from the well-known French vodka of the same name, however, there is no personal or commercial relationship with the French company. A wide variety of vodkas and cocktails are offered on the spot, both as an aperitif or as a drink during the weekends, many of those evenings accompanied by the music of a DJ that gives an ideal atmosphere for dinner and drink until the closing time.

If you want to taste the flavors of Hungary at a good price in a lovely area of Budapest, Grey Goose is a necessary step.

Report & Photos by OTo Grey Goose facebook page