Welcome to the Nagycsarnok, the Central Market Hall in Budapest, the largest and oldest indoor market in Hungary.

The Market was built on the plans of the architect Samu Pecz and completed in 1897. It has an approximate area of 11000m2. One of its main features is the colorful ceramic construction that covers the roof, really beautiful to observe, manufactured by the factory of Zsolnay in Pécs.

One of its advantages is that it is very city center, it is located on the Vámház Boulevard, in front of the Fővám Square, very close to the Liberty Bridge over the Danube river, next to the University of Budapest Corvinus, which makes it a place easily visited by tourists and local people.

In 1999 was awarded the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence and in 2013 as the best market in Europe, then obtained the title of the most beautiful market in the old continent.

This fantastic building attracts a lot of tourist, only few places around the world have a such beautiful and monumental market. It is common for visitors to meet prominent guests, heads of state, artists… for example, Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher , George Bush , Emperor Hirohito have visited it.

Since 2005, events as the launch of the National Days, organized every week within the market to present the culture, customs, products, popular art and typical dishes of the selected countries… A large series of events presents the representatives of crafts and food industry of the countries. Visitors can try and of course buy the products during the exhibition.

The market has three levels, in the gallery are the restaurants, dining room, souvenirs, clothes… On the ground floor the vegetables, fruits, butchers, bakery and dairy products, honey, all kinds of pepper, wild mushrooms… In the basement you find fishmongers, household items, meat shops and a large supermarket.

A curiosity, in its beginnings it had an tunnel that connected the Danube with the market, something really unusual and avant-garde for the time.

In 2017, the Nagycsarnok has reached 120 years with a total of approximately 500 million visits… Was great being one of them!


Report & Photos by OTo