Spoon The Boat is one of those places that tourists cannot ignore, located on the Danube in the heart of the city center, specifically in Vigadó Tér 3. Kikötő, Budapest 1052. It is certainly an exemplary place, a great ship, originally built at the base of a river freighter, without an engine, anchored in place for 16 years to the delight of anyone who wants to visit it. Open from noon to midnight it is animated almost every day, especially from Wednesday to Saturday, its peak time is from 7pm to 10pm with a delicious offer called Dinner with views. Of course, the place is located on the banks of Pest in front of the castle and next to the Chain Bridge, this says it all, the view cannot be better!

Chef Szűcs Róbert has been working in his exclusive and contemporary Hungarian cuisine from the beginning. It is a very international cuisine with local flavors mixed with Asian flavors that go from India to Japan making his offer have a truly original personality.

For dinner, a piano accompanies the night creating a movie atmosphere. The staff is very nice, always attentive and polite with all customers. It has an incomparable menu of Hungarian wines, from all regions of the country, in addition to French, Spanish, Chilean, Argentine or Californian wines, all of different ranges and prices for all tastes and budgets. It is not a cheap place, with that I do not mean that it is very expensive, I would say that it certainly has a good balance in quality and price.

The kitchen is served in any of the different areas of the boat, in the summer area above and in the winter area below. In those different areas of the boat, six if we include the terrace for smokers, you can also have any kind of drinks, advising cocktails for the summer and different types of spirits for the winter. For lunch they offer an excellent Business menu for everybody, plus a Happy 3X2 Hour every day from 3pm to 5pm in cocktails and beers.

Conferences are often organized during the day, the organizers are very satisfied because the speakers do not have usually time to visit Budapest, its main monuments, its gastronomy with its wines, its atmosphere… and when they leave Spoon The Boat all this already it is included.

Report & Photos by OTo

OPEN ALL YEAR  |  EVERY DAY 12-24  |  Tel.: (+36) 1 411 09 33

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