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Planning and organising compaines

Planning and organizing companies

Companies, subsidiaries, sites organising in Hungary ,buying property,preparing investments

Organising the representation of companies,subsidiaries

Preparing foreign companies,subsidiaries and sites and their representation in needed. If you want to run a business ,company or subsidiary in Hungary we can help you with the followings :

  1. Setting up a company
  2. We can offer you a location and sites
  3.  Getting operating permit
  4. Choosing labour force
  5. Offeriing marketing channels
  6. Offering marketing experts
  7. Finding suppliers

All in all we can support you with the whole preparing your company in  Hungary  from the very beginning to the end. as a turn key project.

Buying properties,investments

If you want to invest in Hungarian properties ,we offer you our services to help with the necessary  preparations and get the official permits.

  1. Setting up a company
  2. Offering a location,sites
  3. Getting the construction permits
  4. Offering properties
  5. Choosing labour force
  6. Offering marketing channels.
  7. Offering marketing experts
  8. Finding suppliers
  9. Offering construction firms


Prices do not include any additional on-the-spot charges, the cost that can appear during the organising, the project expenses, the cost of transfers and the service fee of our colleague. These will be payed on site.


According to your needs or until  competence we offer our services and support for the future property investors.The current state support for family house building is outstanding so it can be worth investing in Hungary.

The price of the services without the costs: 2990€/month

Every begun month is going to be invoiced.

Look for us and ask for an offer in email! Send us an action plan ,draft and we study it and make our offer.


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