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Organizing business trips

Organizing business trips

We offer the business assistance service  for company managers and their colleagues.

Business Assistance

We provide our service according to a plan which is completed on the base of specially coordinated requests in advance. From the airport transfer to the departure. The coordination must be finalized at least 2 weeks before the trip.  In case of express   business assistance  the time of organizing can be reduced to few days ,which can make the organizing more difficult and more expensive.

Please use our business assistance service .


  1. Business assistance contains:
  2. Helpdesk service
  3. Booking accomodation
  4. Organising airport transfers
  5. Organising dates
  6. Organising unique requests
  7. Services according to a finalized plan

But they do not contain fees that must be paid on the spot, and the costs that appear during organising, project costs and the costs of personal transportation for our colleagues either.

Furthermore does not contain the basic assistance, which we advise  to order to a package.

After the coordination you will get an accurate plan where you can find all the important information. This makes your visit problem free and you can avoid the difficult administration

The price of the service: 169€

The price of the service in the case of personal Aassistance : 169€/day   


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