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Gastronomy tour

Gastronomy tour

If you feel like a culinary tour ,we will organise it for you.

We guarantee that you can taste the most delicious and most authentic Hungarian food,wines and pálinka (which is a special Hungarian spirit)  allover Hungary. If you want you can get to know the so called hungaricums  and the folk Hungary ,the village life in the last century and before.

 The fee of the tour guidance does not contain the fees that must be paid on the spot , the costs of the personal transportation  and the costs of our colleague either. These costs must be paid on the spot!

The daily fee contains max. 8 hours tour guidance which can be divided 2 days x 4 hours.The price is the same for 8 people as for 1 person .

The service must be paid in advance and it contains:

  1. Helpdesk service
  2. Tour guidance on the ordered days.

    Wine cellar tour         Wine dinner            Pálinka tasting            Visiting a village folk house

personal assistance price : 89€/day

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