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If you want to travel to Hungary  you do not have to feel loneli because we are here with you.

Basic assistance.

Take out insurance so if you have any problem or you are in trouble e.g. your car breakes down,you lose your bag etc. Or you have a request e.g. personal transportation  – airport transfer,chauffeur service,night life etc.. Then we will help you or take care about it so you do not have to spend a lot of time with it  and go through difficult  systems.This assistance service concerns private persons  and must be paid in advance. The paid service is valid only  for one time staying. The price of the service contains the assistance standby.

This service can include:

  1. The  helpdesk  service
  2. Thelephone administration
  3. One max. 50 km distance  visit to the spot  if it i justifiable-(When the telephone administration is not enough )
  4. Max. 4 hours personal administration  procedure  (included the time of the visit to the spot)

Price: 89€


Adventure package assistance

The price of the adventure package not contains  1 person accompanist and at the end of the adventure the accompanist leaves.

The adventure packages contain:

  1. Helpdesk service

The price of personal assistance : 45€/4 hours


Tour assistance

If you are curious about the real Hungary,if you want to see more about Hungary that is shown in catalogs then you must order this service!

The price of the tour guidance 89€/ day

The price of the tour guidance does not include the fees that you must pay on the spot ,the cost of the personal transportation and  the costs of our colleague;These costs must be paid on the spot.. A day cost contains max. 8 hours  tour guidance which can be devided 2 days x 4 hours. The price is the same for 8 people as for 1 person..

The service must be paid in advance and contains:

  1. Helpdesk service
  2. Tour guidance on the requiested days

The price of personal assistance : 89€/day


Business Assistance

We offer the business assistance service for company managers, colleagues who visit Hungary. We provide our service according to a plan which is completed on the base of specially coordinated requests in advance. From the airport transfer to the departure.  The coordination must be finalized at least 2 weeks before the trip.

Business assistance contains:

  1. Helpdesk service
  2. Booking accomodation
  3. Organising the airport transfer
  4. Organising the dates
  5. Organising unique requests
  6. Services which are in the finalized plan

Prices do not include any additional on-the-spot charges, the cost of transfers and the service fee of our colleague. These will be payed on site.

The price of the organising service: 169€  

Te price of the personal assistance : 169€/day/8 hours