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All the important cities on the shores of Lake Balaton have a historical past worthy of attention. The Balaton region is the center of social life since the 18th-19th centuries, and the cities that can be found here have preserved their cultural values to this day.

Lake Balaton is the favorite place to go on holiday in Hungary. Year after year thousands of tourists choose Balaton as their holiday scene. The popularity of the lake and that of its surroundings can be explained by its diversity. All seasons offer something attractive, not only lovers of sunlight and bath, but also lovers of culture, those who want to play sports and those interested in gastronomy find occupation to their liking.

The extraordinarily diverse geographical conditions of the Balaton region held for us a large number of natural values. The National Park of the Upper Balaton Region, which contains a large part of the northern shore, is home to numerous rare species of animals and plants. The Small Balaton is the formation that is in the western part of the Balaton, which since the 1920s is an area of environmental protection strictly guarded and together with the Keszthely mountain range is part of the National Park.

The lake Balaton has 590 m² of water surface, is shallow on the southern shore, so it is recommended rather to families, while the lonely brave wait for the north shore. Many spas, free banks and medicinal baths that offer different treatments await those who want to bathe. Very popular are Spa Kisfaludy in Balatonfüred and Spa Wesselényi in Balatonalmádi.

Among the most popular parts is the Golden Shore of Siófok where every year they organize the festival called Coca Cola Beach House that lasts several weeks, in which they entertain holidaymakers with concerts and varied programs.

Supporters of rest with activity can choose between the offer of different sports possibilities. In addition to traditional sports such as sailing or windsurfing, extreme sports are also represented such as water skiing or bungee jumping.

From an oenological point of view, the conditions of Balaton and its surroundings are excellent. The northern shore is perhaps the most varied productive region of Hungary. The wine region of Badacsony is one of the oldest and most well known historical wine regions. The main wine producing municipalities of the region, next to the renowned Badacsony are: Mount St. George, Szigliget, Csobánc and the Mount Abraham. The most outstanding wines are the Badacsonyi szürkebarát, the Badacsonyi kéknyel, the Badacsonyi olaszrizling, the Badacsonyi zöldszilváni, the Szentgyörgyhegyi rizling and the Ábrahámhegyi rizling.