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Urban Culture

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ANTIK-BAZÁRBudapest Hungary

Visit and know György Máj's shop is a 90 square meters journey through time, a romantic x-ray of the 20th century.


ArtCraft TattooBudapest Hungary

ArtCraft Tattoo   We are a youthful tattoo studio in downtown Budapest. A team of 10 professionals is waiting for


Bella Flora Flowers ShopsBudapest Hungary

There are two places in the city center of Budapest that are unique to buy flowers, for their originality, their great variety and their "savoir faire".


Black Raven TattooBudapest Hungary

Here we are filled with enthusiasm, and many years of experience. We give our best to our costumers so you can make sure that you will leave with satisfaction and hopefully will return soon.


Bokréta kerámiaBudapest Hungary

All of our products are hand-made. A green, dyed wire holds the head of the flowers, which can be bended and cut off till the desired length. Our ceramics are cold-resistant, and can be kept inside or outside of the house as decorations.


Dead Pony TattooBudapest Hungary

We are the Dead Pony Tattoo Studio. We are located near Heroes square on the corner of Andrássy and Bajza street, right next to the metro station. We are nice and friendly and a little bit crazy team.


Fetish TattooBudapest Hungary

Fetish Tattoo Studio Fetish Our team of professional tattoo and piercing artists does high quality job in WestEnd City Center


PrintaBudapest Hungary

Printa is one of the first environmentally conscious brands in Hungary that is engaged in designing and making a wide


Queen of Hearts TattooBudapest Hungary

Let me introduce you the Queen of Hearts Tattoo Saloon. It’s found in the heart of Budapest(V. District). The studio is very elegant and it’s atmostphere is more than friendly.


Rcksteady InkBudapest Hungary

Individual combination : exclusive tattoo shop &unique designed clothing in the heart of the city. Cosy environment, young and talented artists waiting their guests.



A visit to the city of Budapest by car of the socialist era is undoubtedly a unique experience! offers you this possibility at an unbeatable price!