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400 BarBudapest Hungary

Welcome to the 400 Bar! 400 Bar VirtualTour   The 400 bar opened next to Gozsdu courtyard on Kazinczy street


A PecsenyésBudapest Hungary

We are all lovers of the Hungarian kitchen, lovers of the taste of home that warms all hearts. Dishes from the Hungarian cuisine don’t end with chicken-paprika and fish soup. Not many know the wonderful flavors of our home, that we are so keen to show everyone in a stylish place for reasonable prices but also without the uncomfortable long waits.


Almásy RestaurantBudapest Hungary

Our name compels us… No doubt lots of people prick up their ears in Hungary when one of the most


Andreas BistroBudapest Hungary

A perfect place for organizing events, folklore nights and have groups. We undertake organizing music nights and wine dinners.


AttaboyBudapest Hungary

Our aim is to do a great job as well, so we use first class ingredients only in order to


Bécsiszelet KisvendéglőBudapest Hungary

One of the most curious places in Budapest is undoubtedly the Bécsiszelet Kisvendéglő, a small Hungarian restaurant located in a renowned residential area of the Hungarian capital, specifically at number 14 Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest, near the famous Margaret Bridge on the Danube river on the Pest side!


Bécsiszelet vendéglőBudapest Hungary

The traditional Wiener Schnitzel is the well konwn, 4-5 milimeter tich breaded veal meet dish.. It is a fresh, light and filling dish that can be easily a favourite of everyone.


BIGinning RestaurantBudapest Hungary

New Era in Gastronomy In this fast-paced world, new things that represent something different, that give new directions and can


Blaha SörözőBudapest Hungary

5 stops you can not miss in Budapest! Our main stop: BLAHA SÖRÖZŐ, located in the Courthyard of the Marriott


Bohémtanya RestaurantBudapest Hungary

In the heart of the city the oldest restaurant in Budapest from 1975 with the same traditional hungarian reciept as like "grandmas" cook at home with a little bit more new style.


BONNIE RESTROBudapest Hungary

Curious about the true story of Bonnie and Clyde? At Bonnie Restro, you have a really vibrant crew waiting to discover not only the secret but also a truly well-made burger, but you can start your day with a good coffee and breakfast on our terrace...


Boom & Brass RestaurantBudapest Hungary

  The place was opened in may 2008 on Vörösmarty square, the most central place of Budapest. Through the giant