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Könyvbár & RestaurantBudapest Hungary

Books and unquenchable affection for gastronomy called up this restaurant, where you can enjoy both our passion. The traditional menu and a great selection of drinks varying, books inspired dishes every second week.


Napos Oldal RestaurantBudapest Hungary

Our vegan and vegetarian restaurant, opened in 2000, offers with constant enthusiasm our vegan and vegetarian food for our health-conscious


Kánaán Bisztró & CaféBudapest Hungary

The name of our restaurant shows our philosophy. Our goal is to give more gastronomic pleasure and happiness. Our restaurant


Kamra ÉtelbárBudapest Hungary

Homemade flavors, varied meals, courteous service, weekly menu, a daily menu with a renewed menu, affordable prices.


Puli RestaurantBudapest Hungary

Traditional Hungarian restaurant in central Budapest, on Andrassy Street between Opera, Oktogon and Ferenc Liszt Square. The restaurant’s authentic, friendly atmosphere speaks for itself, and the staff make every effort to give you an unforgettable experience.