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Ping RestaurantBudapest Hungary

The Story of our restaurant. Ping Restaurant is located at Széll Kálmán Square (Moscow Square) by the foot of Rose


Kánaán Bisztró & CaféBudapest Hungary

The name of our restaurant shows our philosophy. Our goal is to give more gastronomic pleasure and happiness. Our restaurant


Bécsiszelet vendéglőBudapest Hungary

The traditional Wiener Schnitzel is the well konwn, 4-5 milimeter tich breaded veal meet dish.. It is a fresh, light and filling dish that can be easily a favourite of everyone.


Café VianBudapest Hungary

Café Vian Café Vian is now an institutional place in Budapest. In 2008, a sociological survey tried to answer the


FirkászBudapest Hungary

The name – “Firkász” – means scribbler in English, referring to journalists. Internationally known artists and writers preferred haunt one, this cozy restaurant, where other celebrities are


Muzikum Klub & BisztróBudapest Hungary

Secret Garden in The Palace District! We are established to develop and promote the cultural relations between Hungary and other cultures by inviting foreign performances and by ensuring posssibilities for Hungarian performances to present themselves abroad.


Andreas BistroBudapest Hungary

A perfect place for organizing events, folklore nights and have groups. We undertake organizing music nights and wine dinners.


Il Terzo CerchioBudapest Hungary

Il Terzo Cerchio (The Third Circle, a reference to Dante’s “Inferno”) is now tucked in a quiet corner on Dohány utca


Hunyadi ÉtteremBudapest Hungary

Hunyadi Étterem   “… as many people think it is a real master chef, who uses an extreme amount of