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Food & Drink

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Matrjoska KroshkaBudapest Hungary

We prepare the food exclusively from pure, natural ingredients. We do not use any preservatives, additives, artifical colourings. We do


MENZA ÉtteremBudapest Hungary

Menza offers so much more than the double treat of coffee and sunbath on the terrace from early spring to



The MOST bistro is pulsating and pulsating in the center of the city, its atmosphere is like Budapest itself, diverse, secular, decisive and unforgettable.


Mozsar Cafe & BistroBudapest Hungary

The Mozsar Cafe & Bistro is a place where the morning baguette is always fresh and the coffee is prefect.


Muzikum Klub & BisztróBudapest Hungary

Secret Garden in The Palace District! We are established to develop and promote the cultural relations between Hungary and other cultures by inviting foreign performances and by ensuring posssibilities for Hungarian performances to present themselves abroad.


Nagy Fa-Tál KonyhájaBudapest Hungary

The special cuisine of Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen is awaiting for you in the heart of Budapest, the restaurant is an easy reach from Ferenciek-square right by Vaci street.


Napos Oldal RestaurantBudapest Hungary

Our vegan and vegetarian restaurant, opened in 2000, offers with constant enthusiasm our vegan and vegetarian food for our health-conscious


Patrisa Cafe’Budapest Hungary

If you're looking for a scratch kitchen with great food and a relaxed French atmosphere, then the Patrisa Café` is the place!!


Pearl CafeBudapest Hungary

Welcome to Pearl Café, the place you are looking for to make a break in your tour around the city