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Búsuló Juhász Restaurant Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

We select our wines and ingredients during such trips. We find new friends and partnerships.  We use  ideas from these

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Il Classico Italiano Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

ITALIAN TRADITION OUR STORY Our Italian restaurant opened its doors in 1992, in Budapest, Nyugati Square. Since then we improve

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Bohémtanya Restaurant Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

In the heart of the city the oldest restaurant in Budapest from 1975 with the same traditional hungarian reciept as like "grandmas" cook at home with a little bit more new style.

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Boom & Brass Restaurant Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

  The place was opened in may 2008 on Vörösmarty square, the most central place of Budapest. Through the giant

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0 reviews

The Montenegrói Gurman is a traditional restaurant. With it’s flavors, atmosphere and hospitality offers our guests a truly Mediterranean feel.

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Hunyadi Étterem Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

Hunyadi Étterem   “… as many people think it is a real master chef, who uses an extreme amount of

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Almásy Restaurant Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

Our name compels us… No doubt lots of people prick up their ears in Hungary when one of the most

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Cafe Intenzo Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

Owe to the proximity of the famous Market Hall and several hotels we have lot of foreigner guest beside our

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SPOON THE BOAT Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

Located right at the feet of the Chain Bridge, across the stunning Buda Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion, Spoon the Boat presents you with an unmatched panorama 365 days a year.

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Bécsiszelet Kisvendéglő Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

One of the most curious places in Budapest is undoubtedly the Bécsiszelet Kisvendéglő, a small Hungarian restaurant located in a renowned residential area of the Hungarian capital, specifically at number 14 Pozsonyi Street, 1137 Budapest, near the famous Margaret Bridge on the Danube river on the Pest side!

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Darband Restaurant Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

A nostalgic warm environment with luxurious Persian and International foods and drinks!

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Remíz café and restaurant Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

We never idle in neutral When we opened in 1992, we knew that in the twenties our grandmothers came here

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