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FirkászBudapest Hungary

The name – “Firkász” – means scribbler in English, referring to journalists. Internationally known artists and writers preferred haunt one, this cozy restaurant, where other celebrities are


Four muskeeters restaurantBudapest Hungary

Our restaurant was opened to the public in 1994. Four good friends, whose friendship goes back to their childhood, came up with the idea of opening a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and the situation also offered the name.


Grey Goose Restaurant & BarBudapest Hungary

The French showed the world with the Grey Goose vodka that Cognac county is famous not only for its first class grapes but for its grain as well.


Hunyadi ÉtteremBudapest Hungary

Hunyadi Étterem   “… as many people think it is a real master chef, who uses an extreme amount of


Il Classico ItalianoBudapest Hungary

ITALIAN TRADITION OUR STORY Our Italian restaurant opened its doors in 1992, in Budapest, Nyugati Square. Since then we improve


Il Terzo CerchioBudapest Hungary

Il Terzo Cerchio (The Third Circle, a reference to Dante’s “Inferno”) is now tucked in a quiet corner on Dohány utca


Ínyenc KertBudapest Hungary

We wished to recreate a restaurant founded by the Fahn-dynasty at the turn of the century, preserving the traditions of the Óbuda district and combining it with a culinary travel in time.


Kamra ÉtelbárBudapest Hungary

Homemade flavors, varied meals, courteous service, weekly menu, a daily menu with a renewed menu, affordable prices.


Kánaán Bisztró & CaféBudapest Hungary

The name of our restaurant shows our philosophy. Our goal is to give more gastronomic pleasure and happiness. Our restaurant


Kandalló Artisanal PubBudapest Hungary

We’ve been dreaming about opening a place since Ted Mosby (Architect) first said to Barney: „We should totally buy a


Karcsi VendéglőBudapest Hungary

On 28th of December 1988 we opened our restaurant in the half area of our current place. At the time of


Kárpátia RestaurantBudapest Hungary

Hungarian folk songs, classical and jazz pieces, opera and musical excerpts as well as decades-old and contemporary hits.