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Firkász Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

The name – “Firkász” – means scribbler in English, referring to journalists. Internationally known artists and writers preferred haunt one, this cozy restaurant, where other celebrities are

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Four muskeeters restaurant Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

Our restaurant was opened to the public in 1994. Four good friends, whose friendship goes back to their childhood, came up with the idea of opening a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and the situation also offered the name.

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Grey Goose Restaurant & Bar Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

The French showed the world with the Grey Goose vodka that Cognac county is famous not only for its first class grapes but for its grain as well.

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Hunyadi Étterem Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

Hunyadi Étterem   “… as many people think it is a real master chef, who uses an extreme amount of

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Il Classico Italiano Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

ITALIAN TRADITION OUR STORY Our Italian restaurant opened its doors in 1992, in Budapest, Nyugati Square. Since then we improve

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Il Terzo Cerchio Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

Il Terzo Cerchio (The Third Circle, a reference to Dante’s “Inferno”) is now tucked in a quiet corner on Dohány utca

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Ínyenc Kert Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

We wished to recreate a restaurant founded by the Fahn-dynasty at the turn of the century, preserving the traditions of the Óbuda district and combining it with a culinary travel in time.

avg/food€8.00 SELECT

Kamra Ételbár Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

Homemade flavors, varied meals, courteous service, weekly menu, a daily menu with a renewed menu, affordable prices.

avg/food€9.00 SELECT

Kánaán Bisztró & Café Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

The name of our restaurant shows our philosophy. Our goal is to give more gastronomic pleasure and happiness. Our restaurant

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Kandalló Artisanal Pub Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

We’ve been dreaming about opening a place since Ted Mosby (Architect) first said to Barney: „We should totally buy a

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Karcsi Vendéglő Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

On 28th of December 1988 we opened our restaurant in the half area of our current place. At the time of

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Kárpátia Restaurant Budapest Hungary

0 reviews

Hungarian folk songs, classical and jazz pieces, opera and musical excerpts as well as decades-old and contemporary hits.

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