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Food & Drink

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Cafe 57Budapest Hungary

Café 57 opened in May 2001 in the Rózsadomb or Rose Hill district of Budapest and was the first minimalist bar in the city.


Cafe IntenzoBudapest Hungary

Owe to the proximity of the famous Market Hall and several hotels we have lot of foreigner guest beside our


Café Ponyvaregény (Bercsényi street 5.)Budapest Hungary

This is a place for those who like spend some time in a 19th century mood, eat and drink something delicious and special, talk or just work alone in a quiet corner. A place where you want to be a regular guest!


Café VianBudapest Hungary

Café Vian Café Vian is now an institutional place in Budapest. In 2008, a sociological survey tried to answer the


Centrum SörözőBudapest Hungary

5 stops you can not miss in Budapest     Stop 4: CENTRUM SÖRÖZŐ, a good fun pub at Erzsébet


Club SörözőBudapest Hungary

5 stops you can not miss in Budapest!       Stop 5: Club Söröző, Izabella utca 42! National &


DobrumbaBudapest Hungary

Dobrumba is inspired by our journeys over the past few years. Our cuisine incorporates flavors from the Middle East, the


EcoCafeBudapest Hungary

We have longed for a place in Budapest where you can drink delicious coffee or tea even at early hours and enjoy some healthy and tasty snacks on the side. We opened a café where in a friendly, non-smoking interior various organic drinks and snacks awaiting our customers.


Fanyűvő RestaurantBudapest Hungary

Our guests are welcomed by wide variety of foods any drinks in a unique environment. You can find delicious tastes