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Food & Drink

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Bécsiszelet vendéglőBudapest Hungary

The traditional Wiener Schnitzel is the well konwn, 4-5 milimeter tich breaded veal meet dish.. It is a fresh, light and filling dish that can be easily a favourite of everyone.


BONNIE RESTROBudapest Hungary

Curious about the true story of Bonnie and Clyde? At Bonnie Restro, you have a really vibrant crew waiting to discover not only the secret but also a truly well-made burger, but you can start your day with a good coffee and breakfast on our terrace...


Pipa RestaurantBudapest Hungary

Our main effort is to introduce the unique Hungaran tastes to tourists visiting our country and our Hungarian guests could


Százéves étteremBudapest Hungary

The Százéves étterem (Hundred Years Old Restaurant) is the oldest restaurant in Budapest. It has opened in the hearth of the city in 1831, at the ground floor of a baroque palace


Pearl CafeBudapest Hungary

Welcome to Pearl Café, the place you are looking for to make a break in your tour around the city


WinekitchenBudapest Hungary

ÁKOS SÁRKÖZI – HEAD CHEF I studied catering in high school, even though I had dreamt of becoming a photographer


Taj MahalBudapest Hungary

Market fresh ingredients and the most traditional recipes come together at Taj Mahal boasting an unrivalled reputation for the real


MENZA ÉtteremBudapest Hungary

Menza offers so much more than the double treat of coffee and sunbath on the terrace from early spring to


Karcsi VendéglőBudapest Hungary

On 28th of December 1988 we opened our restaurant in the half area of our current place. At the time of


Ray’s Bistro & BarBudapest Hungary

Ray’s Bistro & Bar If you want to spend an unforgettable night in Budapest, Ray’s Bisztro & Bar is your


Sophie BrasserieBudapest Hungary

Sophies Brasserie   PEST BROADWAY Before Sophie was born, the 6 th District of Budapest, or actually the Andrássy Street,


EcoCafeBudapest Hungary

We have longed for a place in Budapest where you can drink delicious coffee or tea even at early hours and enjoy some healthy and tasty snacks on the side. We opened a café where in a friendly, non-smoking interior various organic drinks and snacks awaiting our customers.