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Pipa RestaurantBudapest Hungary

Our main effort is to introduce the unique Hungaran tastes to tourists visiting our country and our Hungarian guests could


Százéves étteremBudapest Hungary

The Százéves étterem (Hundred Years Old Restaurant) is the oldest restaurant in Budapest. It has opened in the hearth of the city in 1831, at the ground floor of a baroque palace


WinekitchenBudapest Hungary

ÁKOS SÁRKÖZI – HEAD CHEF I studied catering in high school, even though I had dreamt of becoming a photographer


MENZA ÉtteremBudapest Hungary

Menza offers so much more than the double treat of coffee and sunbath on the terrace from early spring to


EcoCafeBudapest Hungary

We have longed for a place in Budapest where you can drink delicious coffee or tea even at early hours and enjoy some healthy and tasty snacks on the side. We opened a café where in a friendly, non-smoking interior various organic drinks and snacks awaiting our customers.


Kiskakukk RestaurantBudapest Hungary

No more peaceful parks or groves to daydream but more and more plazas and shopping centres, being a lot more profitable. There are less "traditional" restaurants where the guest is really appreciated and is not only the owner of purse, providing the restaurant with money.


Cafe 57Budapest Hungary

Café 57 opened in May 2001 in the Rózsadomb or Rose Hill district of Budapest and was the first minimalist bar in the city.


BIGinning RestaurantBudapest Hungary

New Era in Gastronomy In this fast-paced world, new things that represent something different, that give new directions and can


Mozsar Cafe & BistroBudapest Hungary

The Mozsar Cafe & Bistro is a place where the morning baguette is always fresh and the coffee is prefect.


Four muskeeters restaurantBudapest Hungary

Our restaurant was opened to the public in 1994. Four good friends, whose friendship goes back to their childhood, came up with the idea of opening a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and the situation also offered the name.


Cafe IntenzoBudapest Hungary

Owe to the proximity of the famous Market Hall and several hotels we have lot of foreigner guest beside our