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Veggie – raw vegan bistro

Food & Drink
Budapest, Garibaldi u. 5, 1054 Hungary
(30) 625 5665
Budapest 5 district

The restaurant was established in 2011 under the name of Mannatural Food Manufactory, as the first 100% raw vegan restaurant in Hungary. After outgrowing the stall in the market on Hold Street the restaurant moved to Garibaldi Street in downtown where it is still operating.

The specialty of our kitchen is that only raw vegetables, fruits and seeds are used, which do not undergo heat treatment, therefore their vitamin and mineral levels are extremely high. The proteins disintegrate over 42-Celsius degrees, loosing their high enzyme content along with most of the vitamins and minerals.

Our food has positive effect on the general wellbeing, it enhances one’s energy level, plus it is refreshing and satiating without the heavy feeling in the stomach. The materials are free from animal origin, contain no added sugar, have no artificial preservatives and flavor enhancers, they are also gluten-free. In addition, everything is so delicious and tasty that anyone who visited us once will remember the experience.

Particular attention is paid to the quality of raw materials, because it is key for the raw cuisine and highly affects the taste and flavor of the food. We seek to purchase chemical-free vegetables, and fruits mainly from local, organic farms.

Overall, raw diet is a wonderful thing, it boosts your energy, it is rich in fiber, therefore it helps digestion, and alkalization. It also helps to control protein intake because the body more easily processes plant proteins. Raw diet reduces cholesterol levels and has lower fat content. Veggie facebook page


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