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Food & Drink
Szeged, Püspök u. 11, 6722 Hungary
+36 30 190 9980


Vegazzo Pho Soups 1190 Ft
Italian tomato soup with parmesan 850 Ft
French onion soup with greenspiced crutons 850 Ft

Street food

Crispy vegazzo burger
salad, tomato, pickles, veggie patty, cheddar, crispy fried onion, Vegazzo sauce 1590 Ft

Fishless burger
salad, fishless patty, cheddar, remoulade sauce 1790 Ft

BBQ bacon burger
salad, tomato, pickles, seitan, cheddar, „bacon”, homestyle BBQ sauce 1690 Ft

Kentucky Chili burger
tomato, pickles, bell pepper, Kentucky „chicken”, double cheddar, mild chili sauce 1790 Ft


Humusz-falafel 1290 Ft
Gyros 1290 Ft
Grill avocado 1290 Ft

Main dishes

Roasted gnocchi with ginger tomato sauce and sage crunchy 2190 Ft
Garlic mustard&pepper “steak” with beetroot flavoured mashed potatoes 2190 Ft
Farfalle with garlic, sun dried tomato & spinach 1490 Ft
Spaghetti bolognese with parmesan 1490 Ft (kids portion) 990 Ft
Forest mushroom risotto with veggie balls and parmesan crunchy 1790 Ft
Fried breaded cheese alternative with „rizi-bizi” rice/french fries 1390 Ft (kids portion) 990 Ft
Chili sin carne with pita bread 1690 Ft
Hummus falafel plate with pita bread 1590 Ft
Creamy smoked paprika grilled piece with garden vegetables 2190 Ft


Rice pudding
rice milk, cane sugar, rice 350 Ft

Tapioca dessert
tapioca pearls, water, rice milk 350 Ft

Chestnut puree (optional whipped cream for free)
chestnut, sugar, rum flavor, vanilla sugar 350 Ft

wheat flour, margarine, organic whipped cream, walnut, cane sugar 390 Ft

Cottage cheese cream
organic whipped cream, vanilla flavor, millet, lemon 390 Ft

caffeine coffee, wheat flour, baking powder, lemon peel, coconut oil, organic milk 490 Ft


Vegetable paté baguette with fresh vegetable 590 Ft
Ruccola-pumpkin seed sandwich 590 Ft
Rural grain-sausage sandwich 590 Ft
Picknick sandwich (soy sausage) 590 Ft

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