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Night Life
Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 31, 1061 Hungary
+ 36 1 343 11 98
Budapest 6 district

In the 1920’s, Shanghai was for China like New York was for the United States. Nothing could have been more exciting than being a youngster in this rapidly developing metropolis. The ever changing cultures and eras were blended on the streets of Shanghai, where men wore Chinese tabards and western hats, while women walked with no accompaniment wearing high heels, with Chinese fans in hand, while there was a Chesterfield advertisement or a poster of the latest Hollywood movie displayed on every corner, and at times sweet opium fragrance was brought by the warm breeze from the sea. On the roads trolley buses and yellow rickshaws were waddling side by side among the buildings, which in turn showed variations of neo-classical, gothic or even red-brick styles.

If somebody ever asked us when and where we would like to live, the answer would immediately be Shanghai in the 1920’s. It was a magic era, a unique symbiosis of East and West, which has held us captivated ever since we first encountered it. When the idea of Tuk Tuk first came to our mind, there were no second thoughts that we would revive every flavour, color and dimension of this world.

The exclusive Andrássy street and the bohemian downtown area have proven to serve as the perfect nest for our new-born, beloved baby. The wallpaper, the couches, the cutlery, the decoration, the counter and all little pieces were a result of careful planning and selection, which in close synergy make the experience complete. The spectacle is in harmony with the music, the music with the flavours, the flavours with the spectacle, and this is how East is reborn… on the West.

In Tuk Tuk Bar we pay particular attention to hospitality, our highly skilled bartenders do not merely mix cocktails, but in fact create lasting experiences. We exclusively use fresh and high-quality raw materials. Our favourites are coriander, basil, chili, ginger, lemongrass and lemon, from which we always have the highest quality in stock. We are most proud of our home-made syrups, which gained their final flavour after lengthy experimentation. It is not just the flavours that make the time spent with us special, but we consider the friendly service and cozy atmosphere just as important. Thus, Tuk Tuk Bar will never be simply a one-night adventure as our one-time guests are always bound to return. Welcome! TukTukBar Facebook Site


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TukTukBar Budapest, Hungary

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