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Tandoori Indian Restaurant

Food & Drink
Budapest, Harminckettesek tere 4, 1082 Magyarország
Budapest 8 district

This is a place where you feel you are in India, in flavors and colors, a place with a pleasant atmosphere of smells that will open your appetite, with a service of waiters that will not make you wait… Tandoori Indian Restaurant, an exotic place in the center of Budapest !

Indian cuisine is as diverse as the country is diverse, therefore there is no standard, uniform Indian cuisine. Each region, each zone has its own way of cooking. Those people who love the spicy, the strongly spicy, will not be disappointed here. Also those customers who do not want spicy dishes, can also choose carefully on the menu a dish to their liking.

 Tandoori: Indian flavors in Budapest Most people mistakenly think that tandoori is a recipe. In fact, the word “Tandoor” means a barrel-shaped cake oven, which can be identified by Indian baking and cooking. It is used to make meat and bread. Meat, poultry or fish are first stuffed in different spice mixtures, then put into the oven on a spoon. The bread is “Naan”, also made in Tandoor, glued to the side of the oven. At the Tandoori Indian Restaurant we introduce our guests to the tastes of most Indian regions.

We guarantee that you will enjoy truly unique and genuine Indian flavors, here at Tandoori Indian restaurant, with our talented Indian chef, who will offer our guests authentic Indian diverse dishes.
We look forward to seeing you at Tandoori Indian Restaurant, we guarantee satisfaction in the food, you are always welcome here, you can order our dishes as soon as you can to soon see you again as many times as you would like… and feel good with us ! Visit our website, if you need more information or do a reservation, contact us personally, by phone or by email, thank you very much ! We wish you a very good day !



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