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Food & Drink
Budapest, Vigadó tér 3, 1051 Magyarország
+36 1 411 09 33 
Budapest 5 district

Spoon Restaurant Boat: the most spectacular venue on the Danube

Located right at the feet of the Chain Bridge, across the stunning Buda Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion, Spoon the Boat presents you with an unmatched panorama 365 days a year. The most prestigious restaurant boat in Budapest awaits its guests with an impressive assortment of 3 kitchens, 2 massive terraces and 5 bars ensuring exceptional experiences for any occasion imaginable. Be it a wedding, birthday, a friendly gathering or a company lunch, there can hardly be a more spectacular venue to make an event unforgettable.

The first thing you’ll notice when stepping aboard Spoon the Boat is a breathtaking view wherever you turn to. Anchoring at the feet of the Chain Bridge, overlooking the stunning Buda Hills and the Castle, Budapest’s most revered restaurant boat presents a 360° panorama, 365 days a year for your amazement.

The magnificent sight is complemented by Spoon’s kitchen turning food into gastronomic pleasures. Its specialty in Hungarian-Asian fusion cuisine makes Spoon the best restaurant to delve into Budapest’s avant-garde gastro scene. Have lunch onboard and enjoy the soft breeze blowing from the river or visit us in the evening to experience the jaw-dropping scenery of famous Budapest landmarks dressed in light while a piano softly lulls the day to sleep.

OPEN ALL YEAR  |  EVERY DAY 12-24  |  Tel.: (+36) 1 411 09 33 Spoon The Boat Facebook Page Spoon The Boat Instagram Spoon The Boat Virtual Tour

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