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Remíz café and restaurant

Food & Drink
Budapest, Budakeszi út 5, 1021 Hungary
+36 1 275 1396
Budapest 2 district

We never idle in neutral

When we opened in 1992, we knew that in the twenties our grandmothers came here with their lady friends from all over the city for coffee with milk and patissier Béla Nagy’s pastries with whipped cream.

We were thinking along the same lines: we would just serve pastries!

But our old friends and regular guests held their ground, saying they wanted to go on sitting round our table at lunchtime and in the evening. We gave in to their wishes and made the first spare ribs ever barbecued on lava stones in Hungary. They have since become our best-known house specialty in the summer. We introduced a salad made of aruccola leaves and baked Havelka, the little pastry from Vienna filled with plum preserve, a much loved favourite.

Remiz, where specialties are served in an atmosphere reminiscent of the last century, and Kisbuda Gyöngye, our events venue in Óbuda have been serving guest for nearly a quarter of a century.

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