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Urban Culture
Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén u. 10, 1075 Hungary
(+36) 30 292 0329
Budapest 7 district

Printa is one of the first environmentally conscious brands in Hungary that is engaged in designing and making a wide range of products. Be it a souvenir, a piece of clothing, accessories or graphics, our ideology is predominantly based on three main words: Budapest, eco-fashion and silk-screen printing.

Printa’s Pest Collection is composed of eco-friendly materials that remodel the conventional souvenirs with a fresh touch of silk-screen printing. Budapest’s non-official symbols decorate the collections’ T-shirts, bags, notebooks and postcards. Our graphics are inspired by the capital’s whirl, street art, typography and some personal interpretations of city maps.

Additional attention is paid to the sustainable management of resources and alternative material usage; hence our clothing collection is following the principles of ‘slow fashion’. AWARE by Printa is the only eco-fashion brand in Hungary that is highly concerned with making use of such cast-offs. Following the principles of ‘upcycling’ we repaint and retailor these left-offs, and decorate them by applying colours in definite patterns. This way, fabrics are turned into peculiar and unique pieces of clothing. Old leather jackets, men’s shirts, pullovers, as well as household textiles and sartorial waste become newly valuable and useful. We also use up peculiar materials such as medical gowns and worn performance apparels.

Printa Limited Edition is truly a juvenile urban cosmorama, which is designed by well-known as well as emerging artists. Each collection consists of merely 40 impressions, which are made in our local serigraph studio. Our limited editions are numbered and signed by their creators, too.

Printa is more than a simple a store: it is a place of living and a lively feeling. This is why we set up a coffee shop and a gallery for the interested who do not only wish to purchase a unique piece, but also to become richer with new experiences. We also organise courses and silkscreen workshops for those who are eager to learn by taking a closer look at our procedures and techniques.
You can visit us personally in our store or order from our webshop. Printa facebook page


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Printa Budapest, Hungary

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