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Nemzetközi Hadikultúra és Military Fesztivál

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Culture & Festivals
6115 Kunszállás, Tanya 739.
(70) 380 2265

International Military Festival V. 2018 08-10 JUN, 2018

(Everything that is a weapon, everything that is Military)
For the one hundred’s anniversary of the break out of the World War II and the Hungarian Heros’ Day, the Children’s Day and the Memory of the Hungarian National Defense Day .

A piece of the Fest

„Their home is the most sanctified place for the honest hearts.” Gróf Széchenyi István

Let me offer you this incredible, complex, both documentary and entertaining, half -military outing which suits for all the generations .
You may think, it is not in the near future, but in case of organising, it is really close-the last weekend of next May when we are going to commemorate these significant, worshipful events .

Many different organisations, institutes and unions who are obsessed with the topic, aimed to organize the most complex, the most expansive Military Festival on an enormous place during 7 months.

We need all the supporters and patronizers and sponsors for the common purpose. So we respectfully ask you to help. If you have connections who can help eighter personally or instrumentally, please provide towards the succesful transaction of the occasion.

If you share this obsession with us please confirm as soon as possible. Your urgent answer is very significant, because of the organization and the hospitality.
Thank you for your helpful suggestions and observations.  Nemzetközi Hadikultúra és Military Fesztivál facebook site


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Nemzetközi Hadikultúra és Military Fesztivál Kunszállás, Hungary

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