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Mozsar Cafe & Bistro

Food & Drink
Budapest, Nagymező u. 21, 1065 Magyarország
+36 (1) 898 1115
Budapest 6 district

The Mozsar Cafe & Bistro is a place where the morning baguette is always fresh and the coffee is prefect.

It’s a place to work in the morning and have lunch at noon.

It’s also a great meeting point before theatre starts and having dinner here afterwards.

If You taste one of our dellicious evening meals and choose some wine to go with it, there’s a high chance of You becoming one of our regular customers.

Mozsár is a place where we are always happy to see You.  Our main goal is to give You the feeling,  it is always worth for You to stop her

Policies of Mozsar Cafe & Bistro