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Malina Pub

Food & Drink
Budapest, Ferenc krt. 24, 1092 Magyarország
+36 1 353 6296
budapest 9 district
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5 stops you can not miss in Budapest!




Stop 1: MALINA PUB at Ferenc körút, 24! Enjoy drinking or tasting a menu surrounded by the splendid city of Budapest! In this peculiar pub-restaurant you can order Hungarian cuisine menus at any moment, you can also order some pizzas! Open from 10am to 0am, Malina pub is a very original place to have fun with the KARAOKE disco or the 5MEGATVSPORT!


There is a big screen right on my terrace that provides a great experience. Delicious smells invites you to my interior. Here you can meet my trendy design, red lights illuminate my counter, and the logo on my red brick wall, with my name; Malina Pub.

But there is much more in me. An open kitchen for example with fantastic chefs in it, who are tossing and twirling the pizza dough, and cook your meal right in front of you or tastes of Hungarian cuisine: goulash soup, paprika chicken.. You can also order our delicious dishes to your home.

You are planning a house party, but don’t feel like goung out for shopping? Don’t worry, we also deliver alcohol, or help you sort out a party box, and you can pay by sms or credit card.

If you are hungry, but you are in a hurry, pop in and try our hamburger, made by our secret homemade recipe.

There are four beer taps upstairs, that you can fill with Soproni, Soproni IPA, or Heineken, and you can experience what it is like to be a barman.

We organize Sport Quiz Parties every Friday, and karaoke parties every second Saturday. We provide room for weddings, christening parties, banquets and many others even with authentic Hungarian music!

We organise Stag-parties, bachelor-parties!

Our colleagues take all the burdens off your shoulders and organise your party. I am very versatile, come and visit me!


Open 10:00-24:00

You can find me on Facebook.

Malina Pub Facebook


Our main stop: BLAHA SÖRÖZŐ, located in the Courthyard of the Marriott Hotel, is a traditional brasserie and at the same time striking with youthful and modern features that make the place really special and vibrant! The capacity is of a maximum of 100 people with the open terrace included. Our crew has a decisive role in creating a pleasant environment for our customers who usually leave the place with a friendly smile! The important thing here is to feel good!


3 days a week entertainment is guaranteed at BLAHA SÖRÖZŐ! Every Tuesday performances going on for emerging local bands and musicians, Thursdays our karaoke with so much fun, on Saturdays an inescapable spirit party! Also we take attention to the music the rest of the days, during the week you can hear funky, r’n’b, raggaeton, house and deep house! It is also possible to follow sporting events through television, special attention to football on weekends for Champions League matches!


Our range of drinks includes almost all alcoholic and non-alcoholic items! What really makes us proud is our wide selection of whiskey and brandy… sharing opinions and tastes with our customers, so if you have any idea on how to expand our range of products you can easily share it with us! Describing ourselves in few words is a difficult task because we are a nice café, a sports bar and also a music pub. This combination makes us undoubtedly different! If you would like to participate in the Blaha Experience, please welcome over here any day of the week!


Stop 2: MAGYAR SÖRÖZŐ at József körút 71/75!  We are non stop! In the morning, at noon, in the afternoon, at night or early morning, we are 7 days a week, 24 hours a day open for you! A very unique place, with a cute Hungarian decoration! Also the pub has an area that can be isolated. You can play foosball game and watch 5TVSPORT channels to enjoy your favorite football team! Often we organizes live rock concerts too!


Stop 3: BLAHA SÖRÖZŐ at József körút 9! A cosmopolitan and friendly atmosphere in the heart of the city ! Besides the best price at any time, any day! Located in the Courthyard of the Marriott Hotel! This is the Pub that you will not miss!


Stop 4: CENTRUM SÖRÖZŐ, A good fun pub at Erzsébet körút 2! A walk along the grand boulevard can be very refreshing … and cheap!!! The best quality/price in drinks in the area, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! With a floor uptairs, a terrace, a super friendly crew! Foosball game championships are organized! The best place to watch sports on a big screen! You are welcome!


Stop 5: Club Söröző, Izabella utca 42! National & international beers! Do you prefer a coffee? A gin and tonic? A mojito? Do you think about some drink that you think we do not have? Come and check it out at the only Pub outside the boulevard that you should not forget! Come to try the cocktails & turmix making by our so nice staff, as sympa as the decoration of the place that does not go unnoticed!


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