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LIBERTÉ Grand Café – Restaurant

Food & Drink
Budapest, Aulich u. 8, 1054 Hungary
+36 30 715 4635
Budapest 5 district



As long as we can think back, it was our dream to have a place where we can spend a whole day, a place we could call our second home, a cosy restaurant which is also a lively bar. A place that is unique and has multiple sides to accommodate each of it’s guests. A coffee house which we call Grand Cafe.
This exquisite place is classical in it’s genre, but also contemporary in every single detail.

We love to start the day with a great breakfast and to work in an inspirational atmosphere. We love to drink our afternoon coffee on a terrace or have dinner with our friends telling stories. We believe
this is just as important to you as it is for us, because Liberté is for everyone, especially its regulars.


The interior design of Liberté is inspired by the Grand Café culture of Budapest from the turn of the 19th century. This exceptionally classical design is accompanied by great use of fabrics and contemporary architectural elements. It is thanks to these fine details that once you enter Liberte you immediately feel yourself at home as well as in a unique spectacular place.


We are awaiting you every day from eight in the morning to midnight with a contemporary kitchen concept that puts those international cuisines on the menu whichwe love to eat every day, whichwe are a hundred percent sure you will love as well. LIBERTÉ facebook page LIBERTÉ instagram


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