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Le Petit Bistrot

Food & Drink
Budapest, Hajós u. 26b, 1065 Magyarország
+36 70 / 421 86 69
Budapest 6 district

Le Petit Bistrot

Our Story

It all started with my very first flight that took me to Paris.
During the time spent there I had the opportunity to relish the French sense for detail, which is reflected in the small, but incredibly cozy restaurants and the mesmerizing drift of local flea markets and their treasures. As the time was passing by I slowly came to realise that this was it, I had this lifestyle in my blood, just as had gastronomy.

I felt at home.

The thrill towards the abundance of relics, that I have been drawn to since my childhood probably comes from the time I had spent as my dear father’s apprentice in his workshop, where the scent of the freshly dressed timber filled the air surrounding the crafted furniture.
What finally prevailed was a street vendor, who produced those enormous crepes with that infamous French elegance from his little cart.
Upon our return home and after long hours of discussion we decided to plunge into this project with my Dearest. As it turned out, the biggest challenge was yet to come.
For weeks on end I have been strolling down the streets of Budapest, searching for the perfect space, as if I was looking for my future home. The corner of Dessewffy and H ajós street with its fountain under the golden rays of sun… well, that was it.

The proof, that the destiny ment this place to be ours was when we found a place for rent, which back then was quite shabby, still charming…


Grilled sandwiches
Stuffed crepe main dishes
Tortilla wraps
Dessert crepes


Home made syrups
Home made lemonades
Mineral water
Hot chocolate with home made whipped cream
Locally roasted
Our local wines
Petit spritzers
Bottled wines
Crafted beers

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Cards not accepted

Sunday: Closed