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Culture & Festivals
Törökszentmiklós, 46 19, 5200 Hungary
+36 70 633 7668

Introduction of the guests – the representatives of 27 nations

The list of participating nations and tribes: Azerbaijani, Avar, Bashkir, Bulgarian, Balkar, Buryat, Chuvash, Gagauz, Kabardino, Karachay, Karakalpak, Kazakh, Madjar tribe of Kazakhstan, Kirghiz, Kumi, Mongolian, Nogai, Uzbek, Madzsar tribe of Uzebekistan, Tatar, Turkish, Tuva, Turkoman, Uyghur, Yakut, Hungarian.

Archeological and anthropological exhibitions in the ’’Yurt of the Ancestors’’

One of the most successful elements of the Kurultaj is the anthropological and archeological exhibition, called the ’’Yurt of the Ancestors’’, which consists of two huge yurts. The exhibition is arranged in cooperation with several museums. This year, there will be a unique additional exhibition, called the Elite Corps, which won the title of ’’Exhibition of the Year’’ in 2014. The exhibition shows the rich archeological finds of cemeteries located near Karos of the Hungarian conquest period. Its elements are exhibited in the Ottó Herman Museum of Miskolc, and now part of the exhibition will be visible at the Kurultaj as well.

’’Yurt of Atilla’’, half-circle painting of ’’The Arrival of the Huns’’, exhibitions

Just like in other years, in between the two exhibition yurts, the world’s largest yurt will be constructed, the ’’Yurt of Atilla’’. The diameter of the yurt measures over 20 meters. The reconstructions of archeological finds, the anthropological facial reconstructions, and paintings in the yurt make the era of the Huns come alive.

The world’s largest yurt can be disassembled and it’s constructed of natural materials. Apart from the archeological exhibition, inside the yurt we will also be able to admire the enormous half-circle painting, called ’’The Arrival of the Huns’’. The painting measures over 20 meters and is a tribute to Atilla the Hun, who founded an empire in the Carpathian Basin.

The anthropological and archeological exhibition in the ’’Yurt of Atilla’’ is coordinated by a professional scientific team. The three huge yurts together are called the ’’Yurts of the Ancestors’’, and the exhibitions inside these yurts are realized through the cooperation of several scientific institutions.

Procession of Avar and Hungarian armoured horsemen, clothing of Hunnic leaders, Hun army

In the year 2010, the greatest sensation of the Kurultaj was the reconstruction of an Avar armour. In 2012, a group of Hungarian warriors with reconstructed armours of the Hungarian conquest period was also presented. In 2014, we could in addition admire the reconstruction of a Hunnic leader’s clothing, and a group of warriors following him on the battle field.

Experimental archeology demonstrations

Archeologists and artists will present ancient bronze casting techniques in a spectacular way. Also, we will be able observe a master of a very important craft of that period that’s become rare in our time, namely the weaponsmith. There will be a possibility to have a look at the working process of the weaponsmith.

Nomadic horse and archery competitions

The Turan Association announces horse racing, horse wrestling, and ’Köböre’ (Kökpar – Buszkasi) competitions, as well as a unique archery obstacle course competition with valuable prizes. There is no entry fee for the competitions. In 2016, teams of 5 and 10 players will compete with each other in the ’Köböre’ championship.

Armoured combat contest on foot

The armoured warriors on foot are going to battle against each other, wearing 9th -11th century clothing, armours, and weapons. The battles are not based on a planned choreography; they are improvised and therefore closely resemble the real battles of that period. The duel contest will attract a huge audience, and the competitors who participate in the duels will have the chance to win significant prizes.

Horseback combat demonstrations with the best warriors

During the three days of the event, we will be able to see numerous horseback archery and horseback combat demonstrations. Among others, the Vermes tribe from Slovakia (Upper Hungary), the ’’Pusztai Rókák’’ (Foxes from the Puszta), the Bodnár tribe, the Nagy tribe, and the Hungarian Turan Select Team will present themselves. (Note that the tribes refer to groups that belong to the Kassai Horse-Archery School.) European 9th – 11th century armoured soldiers will fight against Eastern equestrian nomadic warriors on the battle field.


In cooperation with renowned Hungarian and foreign lecturers, just like in previous years, scientific presentations will be held in the tent of presentations. Apart from some informative presentations (journey narratives, geopolitics), there will be scientific presentations, which can be attended and understood by everyone who is interested. The topics will cover the ancient history of the Hungarians and the Turanian nations. All of the lecturers who will be presented at the Kurultaj are professional scientists and internationally recognized researchers.

Handicraft demonstrations and fair

People will have the possibility to get acquainted with the items and the work processes of craftsman and artisans. Only those who sell products that contain exclusively Hungarian (that is, from the Carpathian Basin) materials can participate in the fair.

Archaic and modern versions of traditional folk music and dance

There will be Hungarian and foreign performers who were never seen in Europe before.

This year, the artists of the invited brother nations who arrive to the Kurultaj will be holding demonstrations of traditional folk music and dances. For the first time, the Hungarian audience will have the possibility to see several dances and listen to music for which Europeans would have to travel thousands of kilometers to the East. The Turanian brother nations will be giving over 50 cultural performances.

Remembering our ancestors – fire ritual

On the occasion of this celebration, accompanied by numerous shaman drummers, the world’s largest shaman drum will be sounded by the shamans who recall the Hungarian ancient religion. In 2016, the Hungarians and the representatives of their brother nations will continue to celebrate the memory their glorious ancestors. The distant brothers are meeting again. We invite you to join us. Let’s pay tribute to the memory of our ancestors and their great deeds. Kurultaj facebook site


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