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Könyvbár & Restaurant

Food & Drink
Budapest, Dob u. 45, 1074 Hungary
+36 20 922 7027
Budapest 7 district

Books and unquenchable affection for gastronomy called up this restaurant, where you can enjoy both our passion.
The traditional menu and a great selection of drinks varying, books inspired dishes every second week.
Have you ever felt while reading a written script a good flavor of the food in your mouth? Have you ever wanted to try pumpkin pusty of Harry Potter and the butterbeer? Want to know what are the flavors of Fifty Shades of Grey? Have you ever imagined what Pooh and Piglet eaten, and are wondering what kind of food can be Tüskevár, Animal Farm or Örkény Stephen’s One Minute Stories?
Visit us and we’ll show you the tastes that are embodied in the books! Könyvbár facebook site


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