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Király 100 Gastro Corner

Food & Drink
Budapest, VI. district Király street 100
Budapest 6 district

Király 100 Gastro Corner

Kiraly 100 gastro corner restaurant in Budapest

This traditional restaurant– that had belonged to the ownership of Mr. Vilmos Teller until 1910 – has been welcoming its guests since 1893. Thenceforward – through 4 decades – it was Mr. Beno Sipos and his family who tried to curry the the citizens’ favour in the district of Terézváros. A group photo of the late members of the regular table that can be seen on the wall of the Gastro Corner provides its evidence.

Király 100 Gastro Corner today is one of the most popular restaurants in Budapest where famous artists, sportsmen and politicians like to reserve table frequently. It is debated whether our success is gained through the good atmosphere or the excellent dishes accompanied by the tasty Hungarian wines. The uncovering of this secret has been waiting for you.

According to its business philosophy, Király 100 Gastro Corner is devoted to naturalness and the
preservation of Hungarian traditions by using
the widest possible range of Hungaricums.
When making our dishes we bring artisian food
and traditional technology to the fore by taking
present days’ demand into consideration.

Our chickens are raised in household farmings
in order to provide our guests the best quality meat when
fryng them battered or breaded. Our mangalica pig
and grey cattle meat come from a ranch that is
situated in the neighbourhood of Kecskemét.
Duck and goose meat also comes form a
small-scale plant including the dairy products.
We try to lighten the dominance of the Hungarian products
by the help of our excellent quality South American and
New Zealander barbecue steaks.

Besides the above we are proud of our
traditional soups, homemade pastas especially
our freshly pulled strudel pasta that is the most
popular Hungarian dessert.

Our pálinka selection is a unique one comprising
150 pieces. Next to this  we are proud of our
wide wine selection delivered by excellent
Hungarian producers. We hope that our
commitment is appreciated by our guest along
with the respect of traditions, naturality and

Policies of Király 100 Gastro Corner



Table reservation: +36-1-351-6793