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Four muskeeters restaurant

Food & Drink
Budapest, Tétényi út 18, 1115 Magyarország
Budapest 11 district

About our restaurant

Our staff has evolved into a qualified crew of people forming a strong team for a long time – which is not typical in the restaurant trade – so our guests always get the same quality of service they have become accustomed to.

At our restaurant the Guest is the King! We believe that best advertising is by word of mouth, so the best advertising for our restaurant consists of the group of satisfied regular customers and their opinion. We hope to be able to welcome you as well soon.

Our meals

Thanks to well-organised work in the kitchen and “culinary know-how”, you have a choice of over 50 dishes made home-made style, while there is an opportunity to make unique wishes and request individual menus or specialities. Fried calf feet is always available at our restaurant. In addition to the customary soft drinks and beers, you have a choice of quality wines from a number of famous wine cellars to go with your meal.

We keep continuous records of the dishes that are more popular among our customers, and use these records for compiling and extending our menu. Dishes most requested in previous syear.

The restaurant design, parking

FREE PARKING nearby the restaurant.

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Policies of Four muskeeters restaurant