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Fetish Tattoo

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Fetish Tattoo

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Urban Culture
Budapest, Váci út 1-3, 1062 Hungary
Budapest 6 district

Fetish Tattoo

Studio Fetish
Our team of professional tattoo and piercing artists does high quality job in WestEnd City Center shopping mall.
Our Body Art Studio operates since 2004 in in the basement of WestEnd City Center called Kosztolányi Dezső ring. The current team works together since 2012 and their scope of activities covers every part of body modifications. We make tattoos, piercings and microdermals. We also undertake laser tattoo removal and special requests like branding tattoos.

Our Team
Pricking is our fetish!
Whether it is a pin, full of ink or skin splitting jewelery, we work in many different styles. The members of our team have been dealing with body modification for one and a half decade now. Our artistic attitude appeares in many parts of our lives. We created hundreds of different illustrations and jewelleries with the intention that the vision and the product should be the same. Our work is painful so we pay attention to do it the most safely and the least inconveniently.

Péter Hidasi
Piercing and laser tattoo removal.
I was always interested in body modification, tatoos and piercings. I started dealing with piercing and microdermal after graduating high school and I am still doing it. I learned laser tattoo removal last time which is a new professional challenge now.

Mitrócsák Norbert
I’ve been making tattoos since 2011, and I’ve learned completely autodidactically. I like darker and more contoured tattoos but basically i love to work in every kind of style. My favourites are the traditional, neo-traditional and blackwork styles.

Alex Beloberk
I am dealing with tattooing for a few years now. I didn’t have the chance yet to make all kind of tattoos but I like to work in any style. Chech my works, and if you like them you are welcome any time.

Our experienced artists work with the best quality ink and tools in a sterile environment. We are happy to design our own concepts, or draw your individual ideas together and also use ready samples if you want. Our team also undertake removing or retouching old and spoiled tattoos. We make portraits, colored or black and white tattoos and dimensioned patterns. As you wear a tattoo for a lifetime we pay attention to create the perfect outcome.

Design and implement individual tattoos
Proffesional products and tools
Sterile environment and professional team
Removing or retouching old and spoiled tattoos

We insert all kind of jewellery from ear expanders,to intimate jewellery.
Over the last decade, we have mastered the anatomical knowledge,
which is absolutely necessary for safe jewelery and
Microdermal insertion. In our studio you can choose piercing, ear expanders and microdermal jewelery, but you can also bring your own jewellery. Though our work is painful, we do everything to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere. We also give you all the information how to take care of your body jewellery. Our products are made of hypoallergenic, mainly high quality medical steel and we insert it the least painful. We use each pin and jewellery only once!

Great variety of jewellery
Proffesional products and tools
Sterile environment and professional team
Piercing instantly or on appointment
Piercing removal or after-care counseling

Laser tattoo removal
Scarless laser tattoo removal is possible in our studio. We work with the most modern YAG laser Q-switch machine.
Removing or hiding old and spoiled tattoos
Safe, scareless surgery
It does not cause scarring or skin color changes
Removing large tattoos
Sterile environment and professional team Fetish Tattoo facebook page


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Fetish Tattoo Budapest, Hungary

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