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Erily Hairdressing salon

Available Rooms

Health & Beauty
Budapest, Zrínyi u. 12, 1051 Magyarország
+36 1 312 7024
Budapest 5 district

My name is Joli Molnár and I have been a hair dresser for 34 years now. I spent my apprenticeship with István Buzássy and worked 10 years with László Hajas afterwards, which had a great influence on my future. I opened my own salon 21 years ago.
I feel very blessed, because my work is also my passion. I have bad days, just like any of us, but that’s what makes life more exciting.
I’ve been working with Alfaparf Milano as a stylist trainer for 15 years now, organizing hair shows and teaching a new generation of stylists at Alfaparf’s training studio.
You can see a collection of my favorite works in the ‘Gallery’ section of this site.
Thanks to Alfaparf I have the opportunity to participate in many professional events all over the world and get to test new products as they come out. With the support of Hair LLC, I finished a course at Vidal Sassoon Academy, the world’s best stylist school in 2008.


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Erily Hairdressing salon Budapest, Hungary

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