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Food & Drink
Budapest, Andrássy út 68, 1062 Magyarország
Budapest 6 district

We have longed for a place in Budapest where you can drink delicious coffee or tea even at early hours and enjoy some healthy and tasty snacks on the side.

We opened a café where in a  friendly, non-smoking interior various organic drinks and snacks awaiting our customers.

Not only the coffees are organic, but 95% of our other food and beverages as well!Look for the freshly baked organic croissants, pastries and sandwiches if you are really hungry, opt for the muesli cups or the salad bar if you are counting the carbs. Our aim is to provide a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere where you can forget about the outside world for a while and enjoy a cup of coffee, read some magazines or talk to your friends.

-you can drink excellent coffee (that is organic and whenever possible fair trade as well)

-they know how to make real milk-foam

-you can choose from more than 20 different organic teas

– the croissants and other goodies are baked in the café, organic bakery products are fresh every morning!

-you will find real butter, organic veggies and cheese to make delicious sandwiches

-you pick your favourite organic ingredients into your salad

We encourage customers to sit in and enjoy their time in the café. However if you ask the coffee for take-away you will discover that our paper cups are made from fully renewable resources and they are compostable thanks to their special inner lining. The ’plastic’ cups are not plastic at all. It is made from corn-starch that is 100% biodegradable.

Policies of EcoCafe