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Café Ponyvaregény (Kopaszi Gát)

Food & Drink
Budapest, Kopaszi-gát 12, 1117 Hungary
+36 (20) 448 8657
Budapest 11 district

Ponyvalogo cimekkel


Kopaszi Dam restaurant and sailing school. Our restaurant is located in the heart of Budapest in the Lágymányos Bay, a beautiful well-kept park. We welcome everyone in a cozy ambient every day of the year. We offer sunny, covered terraces, homemade dishes, and fireplaces. Ont he weekends we offer games for kids, kindergarten teachers,, sailing school, and picnic baskets for rent.


Address: Café Pulp Fiction, 12. Kopaszi Dam, Budapest 1117

The restaurant is 500m walk from the parking lot.

By car: the entrance is at the Buda bridgehead of Lágymányos bridge (Dombovári road)

Parking fee: 360 Huf/h, maximum 1081 Huf/ day ( It may change according to the regulations of the Kopaszi Dam Parking Code)

Public transport: the entrance is 250 meters from the Info Park stop of tram no. 1.

GPS coordinates: N47,4621285; K19,0609335


A’la carte: Hungarian, international

Concrete a’la carte offer

1.Chef’s offer :

„Our favourites” 5590.-Huf / 7990.- Huf (including drinks)

         Fisherman’s soup

                 Drink: Kadarka wine

          Pork Tenderloin with green bean and potato mix

                 Drink: Vida Kékfrakkos

         Vargabéles ( cottage cheese cake) with Muskotályos vanilia custard

                 Drink: Tokaji Aszú 3 puttonyos


Wines of Hungarian vineries (Villány, Szekszárd, Eger, Tokaj, Balaton-highland, Etyek)


Menu offer for wine dinner or pálinka:

Wine dinner 6990.-Huf/person

           „Apetizer” celery cappucino

           Pheasant soup with poached quail egg

                  Nyakas Chardonnay (2016) 1dl

          Harcsapaprikás (Catfish stew) with strapachka

                 Vida Szekszárdi Kadarka (2015) 1dl 590.-

          Apple pie with cinnamon mousse

                  Vida Kékfrakkos (2015) 1dl

Pálinka dinner 9900.-Huf/person

          Homemade onion jam with oven baked flat bread

                  Cherry pálinka

          Mushroom soup with cognac

                  Mulberry pálinka

          Rose duck breast with orange- currant sauce and wild rice

                 Plum pálinka from Beszterce

          Beef stew with red wine, and onion balls with curcuma

                 Cornel pálinka

          Chocolate cake

                 Sloe pálinka

Own branded products:

Jams, spices, coffee, leaf tea, fruit wine, and pálinka are available at the spot.



Picnic basket for rent

Arriving with motorboat– Duna Ráma watertaxi (unique offer)

Golf car for rent: 1000 Huf/ round

Outdoor stewing: 3000.-Huf/ person

Cooking a Common Hungarian Menu with the chef: (unique offer)

Kindergarten teacher: Kids program , handcraft 2000 Huf/h

Bicycle route stop with refreshments and repairing tools

Music night: with professional band who compose and play your personalized music

The music is composed by the guests with the help od the musicians (From 190 000 Huf – depends ont he number of guests and the duration.)

Gipsy music (unique offer)

Sailing / dragon boat competition and education in Lágymányos Bay

(Sailing from 8000 Huf/ person,- depends ont he number of guests and duration)

Pálinka and wine tasting (unique offer from 30 000 Huf)

Making gingerbread house (from 2000 Huf/person – depends ont he number of guests and the duration)

Sausage filling: 2000 Huf /person – depends ont he number of guests and duration

 Retro or Karaoke party ( from 170 000 Huf)


Bachelor parties

Family and friendly occasions: wine and pálinka tasting, gingerbread making, sausage filling, outdoor stewing with no sound limiting


Corporate events

We are welcoming everyone!

Garamvári Ildikó



Cafe Ponyvaregeny facebook page


Policies of Café Ponyvaregény (Kopaszi Gát)