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Max Guests:
Kozármisleny, Nárcisz u. 33, 7761 Hungary
+36 (30) 9562 122

For groups

Looking for transportation for students or sport club members?
Are you looking for a safe and professional transport solution? You frequently travel to events, competitions and school trips with your pupils, sports club members or school children? Buszrent offers a safe and reliable solution for all these events.

Would you like to be our partner? Contact us!

For events

Work trip with the colleagues? Wine tasting with your friends? We help you organize your event!

Choose a partner who is time and cost-effective with optimal conditions! Thanks for our modern buses we are able to provide individual trips as well. Our transportation makes the journey easy, comfortable and provides a flexible solution for your trips. BuszRent facebook site


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BuszRent Kozármisleny, Hungary

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