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Budapest Ritmo 2017

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Culture & Festivals
Budapest, Erzsébet tér 12, 1051 Magyarország
BUDAPEST 5 district

Budapest Ritmo 2017

This time, in the urban heart of Budapest, in a place with a lot of music culture, now renovated, with another name, with other colors, with a terrace always full of people, Akvárium Klub is the place chosen for the second edition of Budapest Ritmo.

As soon as you enter, you realize that the choice of location has been a good idea, it is a pleasant place, with two music rooms, a large and a small one, a central hall to have a drink or wait, wide and clean toilet, a huge terrace with a bar with many tables and chairs… the staff is nice, also the organizers. Everything seems from the first impression that Budapest Ritmo 2017 is going to be a successful music festival.

Interesting three days program, with groups like Amparanoia, Shefita, Fanfara Tirana meets Transglobal Underground, Mokoomba (photos 2,3,4,5,6,7) and others in the small room like Ponk, Chassol, Boris Kovac, Malabi Tropical, Lakatos Mónika… None of them disappoint, Latin rhythms, Balkan rhythms, Africans with Mokoomba, fun with Shefita, roots with Lakatos Mónika, a lot of imagination and creativity with Punk and Chassol, very interesting Boris Kovac, intellectual, deep… Great live music, so much good feelings, so much mind fluid!

Incredible, I can not have a better feeling in my ears. This second edition of the festival is even more enjoyable than last year’s already difficult to overcome. After each concert you can meet the musicians in the main hall bar or outside the terrace, talk to them, share emotions, ask them questions, take photos, buy and sign their records, really a pleasure to be here!

When good things are ending we only have to wait with hope and desire that next Ritmo will be at least as good in musical quality and organization as was the first, and as this second edition of a festival will that have success with many future posibilities.

Photos & Report by OTo

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Budapest Ritmo 2017 Budapest, Hungary

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