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Balatonibob Leisure Park

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Culture & Festivals
Balatonfűzfő, Uszodai út 1, 8184 Magyarország
+36 88 586 170
+36 88 586 171

Child program? Family program? Quality time for the weekend?
A whole day trip to Lake Balaton?
Come and visit the BalatoniBob Leisure Park, located on the northern of Lake Balaton, in beautiful natural surroundings in Balatonfűzfő, where we offer you an all around, all day experience for all members of families with children or friends.

It is not a mistake that we say BE ON THE RIGHT TRACK: it was built around two super (all together 1,5kilometres long) bob tracks and as a place for excursion, it is open all year round. Apart from the bobs, we offer a number of other – partly free – entertainment options, even if it is just hanging out after school, program for the weekend, vacation, party, school trip or a corporate event.

Sliding with the bobs are already a double experience, as it is the longest double bob track in Hungary where the bobs run on fix tracks.

Slide down on the new Panorama track, spin in the 360 degree turn, enjoy the cooling speed and take pleasure in the panorama of Lake Balaton.

Naturally our other track, the Tunnel track offers a rich experience too: sharp parabolic turns, bumps and a 15 meter tunnel where flashing lights increase the adrenalin after night fall.

The tracks await all speed addicts all year round and for the summer nights, we have made them floodlit so that you can slide down until ten in the evening. Besides the fun, we also turn great care to safety: the bob cars that are attached to the fix tracks are equipped with automatic breaks that maximise the speed (however, they are still capable of speeds excess of 40km/hour) and they are equipped with three point safety belts.

To make your slides a memory, the photo points placed besides the tracks take photos of you, and it is possible to print them out at the Memory Base found at the entrance, or you can even ask for souvenirs with your best photo.The main attractions of the park are definitely the bob tracks, but there are a lot more to offer: in the BalatoniBob Leisure Park we offer something exciting to all age groups so the relaxation will be memorable for all members of the family.



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Balatonibob Leisure Park Balatonfűzfő, Hungary

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