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Almásy Restaurant

Food & Drink
Budapest, Rómer Flóris u. 12, 1023 Hungary
+36 1 315 1338
Budapest 2 district

Our name compels us…
No doubt lots of people prick up their ears in Hungary when one of the most ancient family name is mentioned.
We as the descendants of Almásy et Zsadányi de Törökszentmiklósi are determined by historical past, reputation, traditionalism and keep an ongoing role in Hungarian culture and history of notabilities of Almásy family.
Pride, commitment, affection and respect.

Our mission cannot be other than running a hospitable family restaurant where our ancestors would be pleased to turn in and allow themselves to be tempted by known flavours and discuss everyday’s what-abouts and happenings besides a glass of wine or a piece of irresistible dessert.

Name of Almásy was mentioned in the earliest records in 1677 when letter patent of nobility was granted by the Hungarian King Leopold. Title of a count was granted to Ignatius Joseph in 1771, Emeric Ignatius in 1815 and Paul in 1910.

We are aware of numerous notable persons from the noble and count’s branches of the family one time having domains in Heves, Szolnok and Békés counties who had the position of Lord Lieutenant, dignitary of the Church, captain-general, parliamentary ambassador, vice-chancellor, the Speaker of the House, general, scientist and explorer.

Who are still remembered: Count Emeric Almásy who founded the stud in Szenttamás, Paul Almásy, member of the noble branch of the family, colonel of the general staff who took part in resistance movement led by Bajcsy-Zsilinszky, George Almásy, Asia-explorer and his son Leslie Almásy, and Nicholas Almásy, „The English Patient” and the young count of the movie film „Oh, Bloody Life”.

The family in the course of its history was united in matrimony to the most famous Hungarian noble families like Széchényi, Wesselényi, Wenckheim, Károlyi, Merán, Teleki, Eszterházy, Festetics, Semsey, Zichy, Batthyány and others.

Our name compels us…
Our name compels us to keep tradition. Be proud of past and go to the source! This is our restaurant’s profession of faith. On the one hand we would like to keep tradition of the Hungarian cuisine, those bases which made many illustrious restaurants and dynasties famous, and on the other, to meet the requirements of our days.

We hope that our guests realize and appreciate our ambition and welcome them as member of our family time after time.

Policies of Almásy Restaurant