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Karcsi Vendéglő

Food & Drink
Budapest, Jókai u. 20, 1066 Hungary
Budapest 6 district

On 28th of December 1988 we opened our restaurant in the half area of our current place. At the time of the opening there were only 25 seats. We continously increased the capacity year by year. As a first we bought the premises next to our house, and so we could have more 25 seats. At last we could arrange one more place in the house so the overall capacity became 80 persons. During the whole period of time so far we renovated the the place many times. First in 2004 we reconstructed the kitchen completely according to the current regulation requirements. The restaurant got its current shape in the spring of 2007, and it seems to be very successful according to our guests’ opinion and feedback.
I hope you also will be absolutely satisfied if you visit us and try our catering services at a pleasant place.

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