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7th.Ink Tattoo & Piercing Studio

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Urban Culture
Budapest, Nagymező u. 34, 1065 Hungary
(30) 460 3769
Budapest 6 district

7th.Ink Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Nem érhető el leírás a fényképhez.

Our studio has been coloring downtown Budapest for 8 years with the work of 3 tattooists and 1 make-up tattooist.

László Balla / Drake has been dealing with piercings and tattoos since 2007, his favorite styles are Japanese, tribal monochrome, but he also likes to make colored tattoos.

Panka Krakk has been tattooing since 2011 in the following styles: colorful, scenic-realistic, gray, Japanese or traditional neo.

Móni Zámbori has been dealing with tattoos since 2012 and his tattoo is done with geometric shades of gray, but he also likes to make tattoos such as dotwork, line work and water color.

Our makeup artist is Szilvi Máté, who was looking for a calm heart with everything that makes tattoos with tattoos, be it an eyelid tattoo, eyebrow or mouth.

Móni Zámbori       : +3620-808-7613

Panka Krakk          : +3620-242-4032

Szilvi Máté              : +3630-221-5243

László /Drake/Balla: +3630-460-3769


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7th.Ink Tattoo & Piercing Studio Budapest, Hungary

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